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How to Plan a 6 Day Tour of Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong – the beautiful land of wonders for kids, vibrant life for youngsters and a plethora of natural wonders for all ages, is an ideal place to take a trip with your family and friends to experience Hong Kong’s Rich and vibrant Chinese culture, cosmopolitan lifestyle and ancient traditions. Everything here live on harmoniously amid contemporary society featuring a unique and amazing blend of east and west and at the same time wander through the streets of Macau and discover it’s amazing history, ancient buildings, people and the way of exploring city in your own way.

Don’t Forget to Explore the World of Beautiful Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

If you are travelling to Hong Kong, you cannot miss the chance of exploring Macau – the mega-resort and casino center that is also known for its amazing historical sites. Big Casinos and hotels are the main attraction that is counted as the new gambling resort capital of the world. There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites like San Ma Lo and Guia Fortress where tourists love to visit. The main thing to travel between two countries is need of passport. For those who are on their Hong Kong Tour generally have no problem in entering Macau with a free short term stamp on their passport.

Before planning to explore the prime attractions of the beautiful countries, it is important to keep in mind your budget, number of tourists exploring with you and days that you want to spend. However, planning for six days tour is an ideal decision that includes 3 days in Hong Kong and 3 days in Macau.

Three Days in Hong Kong – Not Enough to Explore – But Plan to Explore the Main Attractions

The Hong Kong and Macau tour will start with your arrival at airport. After hotel formalities, you will be on the beautiful city tour where you will explore the natural beauty, attractions and nightlife of Hong Kong. Don’t miss to take one way peak tram ride and a chance to explore Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Jewellery factory, Aberdeen Fishing Village and different other attractions.

Reserve your one day for the amazing Disneyland and Ocean park tour where you will find yourself into the world of fantasy. Disneyland is a heaven for children; while Ocean Park presents you the symbols and a world in itself with the view of famous attractions. Ocean Theme park will keep you busy for some more hours or even it may persuade you for another day to explore. The same thing applies at Disneyland. Food, luxury accommodation, friendly people and vibrant nightlife will provide you more reasons to spend luxury time here.

Explore the Gambling Resort Capital of the World – Three Days Will Look Short for Fun and Pleasure

The beautiful Macau is known for its resorts and casinos that are world’s top casinos to keep you busy into the gambling world. There are a number of natural and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see here. Getting in Macau by Ferry from Hong Kong is the best way of enjoying a beautiful day or some hours in a memorable way. During your tour to Macau, you will see St Paul Church, A-Ma-Temple, Kwan Yam Statue, Golden Lotus Square and various casinos.

However, making a contact with a tour operator is also one of the best ways of enjoying six memorable days in Hong Kong and Macau. Smart Holiday Shop offers you attractive tour packages to Hong Kong and Macau for memorable time ahead. The leading travel agency has come up with customized Hong Kong & Macau tour packages that will go well your budget and fulfill your requirement.